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Welcome to the FG Guarantee-Platinum® Series e-Application Wiki

We want to process your business quickly. Submitting applications electronically using our SalesLink Online e-Application will help to speed this process along!

A few other things to note:

  • We will accept transfers, 1035 exchanges and cash with application. Cash with application funds must be received within 10 business days of application submission and transfer/1035 exchange funds must be received within 60 days of application submission
  • Product minimum premium using the e-Application is $20,000
  • FG Guarantee-Platinum Series production amounts do not count towards the Power Producer Conference or the Power Producer Program
  • All agents must complete product training via SalesLink before the application will be accepted
  • New Statement of Understanding required for all states, included with e-application
  • New Fiduciary Rule Disclosure required for all qualified applications, included with e-application

We invite you to explore our FG Guarantee-Platinum Series e-Application Wiki for SalesLink FAQ's, Application How To's and more! Still have questions? Contact us directly in the “Contact Us” section of this Wiki.

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